Guide Book

About the Skits

Designed for children’s busy schedules, these simple skits with songs can be performed in less than 10 minutes. There are a variety of scripts to fit all age groups.

  • Reflections of the Good Old Days – Children have seen many changes just in their short lifetime. It can be scary, especially if there is brokenness in their home. Residents may find themselves looking back, desiring what life was like when they were young, and fearing the future. When we trust and believe in Jesus today, we do not mourn the past or fear the future.
  • A Little Good News – Residents are frequently in front of the TV and too often hearing bad news. We meet them where they are, feeling their pain of “bad news,” and invite them to hope for “Good News.” Children can be stressed listening to the TV, and are in need of hearing the good that God is doing all around them.
  • Down by the Riverside – Identifies the burdens we carry around and the enemy who desires to keep them before us. Jesus takes our burdens when we lay them at His feet.
  • Love Can Build a Bridge – Many in care facilities have broken relationships with their children/family members. Especially if the resident did not want to go to a care facility, but a family member felt it was best for their health and safety. This skit helps encourage healing / strengthening the relationship with family members. Healing between family members also strengthens their relationship with God. This speaks also for the cast member to heal relationships in their life that may be broken and their relationship with God.
  • He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands – Residents and children coming together singing with joy that our Creator is in control, and has the “whole world in His hands.”
  • A Picture of God’s Throne – A picture is painted in our minds as we read about God’s Mighty Throne in the Bible. It comes to life as the lyrics are sung and children color what they envision the throne to look like. Afterwards, they give their picture to a resident as a gift. We can’t wait to see the final product!
  • Exchanging Burdens – A young boy on his way to school carries a heavy backpack with many burdens. He runs into children whose backpacks are light because of Jesus and exchanges his heavy load for the light load Jesus gives.
  • Contagious Joy Honors God and Country – A program with six familiar patriotic songs that bring honor to our God and Country. The residents love to hear and sing these songs while watching the children perform.  As a reminder of their visit, small American Flags are given to each resident to take back to their rooms.
  • The Unexpected Journey – A dramatic scripture reading taken from the play. The young reader comes face to face with Thomas, who doubted, but after seeing Jesus risen, believes. This skit brings the young character to an understanding that they have a Father in heaven who loves them, a Savior that died for them and rose again! With a short narration, this bible reading can stand alone as a skit.
  • A Christmas to Remember – A dramatic scripture reading taken from the play. This skit answers many questions about Jesus’s birth. It also answers the question of how the world got here and “Why am I here?” With a short narration this bible reading can stand alone as a skit.

About the Plays

Our Contagious Joy plays can be performed in less than 45 minutes. There are a variety of scripts to fit all age groups.

  • The Legend of the Flower – Our main character learns the folly of “getting all you can get in life” and then spending all his money on himself. After spending all his money, the young character takes a flower to a resident in the audience. This simple gesture helps the character to realize it is better to give than receive.
  • Esther – Set in the 1950s, an orphan girl finds herself with a decision to make—whether to be silent or speak up for the good of another person. God uses her to bring resolution in a difficult situation and works all things out for good. Inspired by the story of Esther in the bible. Songs: From the 1950s
  • The Unexpected Journey – When young characters are forced to fend for themselves, they make the decision to break into the home of an elderly couple. The young characters reveal doubts they have about God because of all they have suffered in life. With much wisdom and tenderness, the elderly couple teaches the young characters what God is really like, and the young character discovers a bible and begins to read. As a result there is forgiveness and healing between the children and their mother.

    The Unexpected Journey Interactive Bible Recording.
    • A Christmas to Remember – Same as above, however the story takes place on a cold Christmas Eve.

    •  A Christmas to Remember Interactive Bible Recording.

    • “Victorious” – A mother struggles to raise her three children after her husband is incarcerated. Based on a true story. This striking story brings the mother to her knees to cry out for God’s help. God brings the awareness to her that He is working all around her by bringing many people into their lives that help her family through this difficult time.