Angel Tree, Group Homes, “At Risk” Children

“Contagious Joy has shown me what it truly means to serve others. For a period of my life, I felt extremely lost. I was angry with myself; I was angry with my family; I was angry with my life. I felt as if I were unraveling. Contagious Joy changed my whole outlook. Where there was anger, there was now hope. Where there was anxiety, there was now friendship. When I signed up for Contagious Joy, I thought I would be bringing joy to others and part of that is true, but it also brought joy to myself. It forced me to grow, to learn, and to become more confident. I recommend Contagious Joy to anyone, because through it, I have become the person I have always wanted to be.”

– April Lugo, Angel Tree Child

As a Bible Study leader of a group home situation, Contagious Joy allowed young people to experience the arts in a way that they probably would NOT have otherwise. These kids struggle to get through a day sometimes with never a chance to be a lead role, or support character, or soloist in a play or drama. One young man had a very hard time reading, yet after two weeks of practice had all of his lines memorized because a staff person took time to read the script to him. The lines of the play parallel a Bible story that we pray are now imbedded in his mind as a seed for God to grow. What a blessing!

– Brenda Hendricks, Youth Leader

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